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Yeshe Khorlo Centers USA

In the United States, the main center of Yeshe Khorlo is 
Chöying Dzong located in Crestone, Colorado.

Yeshe Khorlo USA is a Colorado based religious non-profit. Established in 1995 under the direction of Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche, the mission and goal of Yeshe Khorlo is to cultivate the growth of the Buddha Dharma through three activities:

1) Study through the online Longchen Rabjam Shedra (Buddhist College) 

2) Accomplishing dharma practice

3) Application through compassionate activity

Chöying Dzong, the name given by Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche in 2001, means Fortress of Dharmata. Dharmata is a Sanskrit word that refers to the innate pure nature of all phenomena and the very essence of mind itself. Dzong, or fortress, refers to the vessel or mandala that holds that space and maintains its innate purity for all who enter. The temple is referred to as “Chöying Dzong,” while the overall organization is Yeshe Khorlo. In addition to the Crestone center, Yeshe Khorlo has a regional center in Los Angeles, CA, as well as committed sangha members throughout the United States.