One Hundred Thousand Bright Lamp Offerings

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Dear Varja Brothers and Sisters:


H.H. Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche will hold the second round of “One Hundred Thousand Bright Lamp Offerings – Pema Lingpa’s 500th Anniversary Events” at Gangteng Monastery for the world’s cleansing of sins and quelling the disasters, including eliminating the spread of the epidemic.

尊貴的 崗頂法王近日將舉行第二輪《十萬光明燈供養-貝瑪林巴五百周年紀念活動之一》為世界淨罪集資,平息違緣災障,特別是止息近一年多來的疫情擴散。

The bright lamp is the expression of wisdom and reality. Lighting the lamp can bring a bright future, open wisdom, quickly realize the truth, and can expel darkness and ignorance. It is the most extraordinary and convenient offering. Please take advantage of such a grand event.

光明燈乃智慧、實相之表示,點燈可帶來前途光明、開啟智慧、迅速證悟實相,並可遣除黑暗無明,乃最為殊勝方便之供養! 敬請諸位法友把握參贊如此盛事。
We will be sending the offerings to Rinpoche Thursday 7/1/2021.

To participate and support this event, any donation amount is welcome.

預定下周四 7/1/2021匯款給 法王

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