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Zungdü (Domang)

September 30


Zungdü (Domang):
A collection of core Buddhist scriptures, Dhāraṇī (mantras) and prayers in Vajrayana and Mahayana. An Extraordinary Vajrayana Puja for Wish-fulfilling and Obstacle-removing.

Date: September 30th
time: 8am – 5pm

Sponsorship: $10 per Living person’s name posted on the inner Shrine or any amount to support this event. Please referred to the attached photo of a previous puja.

PurposeTo dedicate for the peace of world, the health and prosperity of all sentient beings and the pacification of the pandemic on the Mid-Autumn Festival (Moon Festival on the 15thof the eighth lunar month). This Vajrayana puja compiles all Buddhas’ names and Dhāraṇī of Tripitaka and special terma of ritual procedures with the ultimate power of wish-fulfilling and purification of obscurations and negativities. The accumulation of merits is an imperative way to liberation and enlightenment.

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To Donate with a Check: 
Please make a check payable to: Yeshe Khorlo and mail to the following address:  
Yeshe Khorlo, c/o Tony Tang, 1801 S. First Ave., Arcadia, CA 91006

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September 30
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Gangteng Monastery, Bhutan


Yeshe Khorlo, Los Angeles, CA