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The Jewel Rosary of Successive Incarnations
of Gangteng Tulku

The Lineage Holders of Gangteng Sangngak Chöling Monastery

In the hidden and sacred medicinal land of the Drukpas, blessed by none other than the second Buddha Padmasambhava himself, it is invaluable to have historical accounts and biographical sketches of the great lineage holders of the Dharma, particularly, the biographies of the lineage holders of Pema Lingpa at Gangteng Sangngak Chöling Gönpa.

The Literary Committee of Gangteng Shedra undertook to compile a historical outline of the Monastery and biographical sketches of the successive incarnations of the Gangteng Tulku to mark the completion of the restoration of Gangteng Gönpa and its re-consecration. This auspiciously coincides with the three great events of 2008: the celebration of the Centennial of the Bhutanese Monarchy, the successful introduction of parliamentary democracy, and the Coronation of the His Majesty the 5th Druk Gyalpo, Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck.

If learned scholars find any details or events incorrect or missing from these accounts, the Committee requests these readers as well as other patrons and devotees to submit their considered comments and suggestions for improvement.


Om Swasti!

The primordially pure Buddha of Unchanging Light,
The natural expression of unimpeded compassion, Sambhogakaya Avalokiteśvara,
The spontaneously risen Nirmanakaya: the miraculously Lotus-born,
Are the same as my kind root Guru, whom I place on the crown of my head.

The core, profound and heart-essence teachings of the Buddhas,
Through skilful means you spread the teachings to all beings,
The accomplished father and son incarnations of the Peling lineage,
Who are inseparable from the lotus-heart of mine, I make offerings to you.

In the medicinal land, blessed with hundred thousand auspicious signs,
At Gangteng Gönpa, considered as the second Zangdog Pelri,
The miraculously born successive incarnations of Gangteng Tulku,
With great pride and happiness, I relate the Jewel Rosary of the Successive Incarnations.

With the above words of praise and offerings to the sublime and precious beings along with the pledge
to compose the biographical account, here is presented the “Jewel Rosary of Successive Incarnations 
of the Gangteng Tulku, 
Lineage Holders of Gangteng Sangngak Chöying”.