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When it is impossible to give a complete account of the Buddha activity of sublime beings even by ones who are on the higher bodhisattva levels, what can be said of a being such as me who is filled with obscuration and defilements? Yet still, while trying to justify a single drop of the precious teachers’ ocean of Buddha’s activities, if the wise and the learned find any short comings in this compilation, it is requested of them to bear with me with patience and kindness. At the same time, the positive merit that accrues from this may be dedicated to the Buddha Dharma in general and the propagation of Pema Lingpa’s teachings, in particular.

May the great practitioners live long and fulfil the wishes of the sentient beings.

May the world, in general, enjoy compassionate governance and in particular in Bhutan, where there is the dual system of governance, may the compassionate and successive reigns of the Bodhisattva Kings continue longer than the course of the great river Ganges.

In other words: may the people of this blessed earth enjoy a life free from disease, famine, conflict and other obstacles; may all conditions be abundant like the waters of a lake in the summer monsoon, and let all the appropriate and auspicious conditions be fulfilled spontaneously, ultimately leading all sentient beings to the blissful Pureland of Buddha Amitayus.

The virtue accrued through this writing;
The lotus of learning and realization blossoming,
Those who aspire for liberation like a group of honey bees,
May this be the cause for relishing the sweetness of the three trainings!

On the pure, vast, divine path,
The profound, luminous and non-dual rays of a hundred thousand suns,
Liberating beings from the darkness of the five poisons,
May they be established in the Buddha-field of the three Kayas!

Vast, secret, all-encompassing teachings of the Victorious Ones,
One who is skilled in leading the chariot of learning and realization,
The lamp of Peling’s lineage and teachings,
May all incarnations of the Gangteng Tulku be ever Victorious!



  • An Account of the Life of the 5th Thuksé, Jurmed Chogdrup Pelbar Zangpo
  • Biography of the 5th Zhabdrung Thuktrul, Jigmed Chögyal.
  • A Brief Account of the History of Dagana Dzong.
  • A Clear Mirror of “Druk Gi Nyorab”.
  • Biography of Je Tendzin Chögyel.
  • Religious History of Dzogchhen.
  • Religious History of Bhutan.
  • Detailed Biography of Legdön.
  • Detailed Biography of Pema Lingpa.
  • Biography of Gyalse Tendzin Rabgye.
  • Biography of Gyalse Pema Thinley.
  • Druk Karpo: History of Bhutan.
  • Religious History of Nyingma.