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The Eighth Gangteng Tulku: H.E. Ugyen Thinley Dorji

In 1906, amidst miraculous signs, the 8th Gangteng Tulku, Ugyen Thinley Dorji was born as the son of Thimphu Dzongpon Kunzang Thinley, a descendent of Khedrup Kinga Wangpo who was descendent from the Peling lineage and belonged to the Nyö lineage, and Sangay Drolma, younger sister of the 7 th Gangteng Tulku. When the child came of age, he was enthroned as the 8th Gangteng Tulku at his original seat at Gangteng Gönpa.

The Tulku received the complete teachings of the Peling tradition from the 9th Peling Tendzin Chöki Gyaltsen.

He introduced the tradition of wearing the Gho, as was the custom of court attendants, amongst his followers. It is also said that he succeeded his father as the Thimphu Dzongpon, during which time he constructed the Guru Lhakhang in Thimphu, which exists to this day for all to pay respects and make offerings.

While coming to Gangteng Gönpa, at a nearby chorten, the Tulku changed into the robes of a monk and got down from his horse as a mark of respect. Thereafter, the people started calling thechorten as the Tabab Chorten [meaning the stupa where Rinpoche dismounted from the horse]. Then, in the year 1949, the Tulku passed away into parinirvana in Wangdi Phodrang Dzong. The sacred body was brought to Gangteng Gönpa for the last cremation rites.