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The Fifth Gangteng Tulku: H.E. Ugyen Gelek Namgyal

The 5th Gangteng Tulku, Ugyen Gelek Namgyal was born amidst many auspicious signs in Trakhar, Chumey in Bumthang to a noble family of an unbroken spiritual lineage in the Year of the Iron Pig (1791). The 6th Peling Sungtrul Kunzang Tenpai Gyaltsen recognized the young child as the 5th Gangteng Tulku and conferred on him the spiritual name of Ugyen Gelek Namgyal. Soon thereafter, the Tulku was enthroned as the 5th Gangteng Tulku in an elaborate ceremony at the Gangteng Sangngag Chöling Gönpa.

The Tulku received the complete teachings of the sutras, tantra and grammar from the 6th Peling Sungtrul and other recognized masters of the time. After receiving the complete teachings and transmissions of the Peling tradition from the other lineage holders, he put these teachings into practice.

Having taught the dharma extensively to a wide array of disciples, at the age of 49, the Tulku displayed the act of passing into parinirvana in the year of the Iron Rat (1840).