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The Fourth Gangteng Tulku: H.E. Tenzin Sizhi Namgyal

In the year 1759, the reincarnation of the 3rd Gangteng Tulku, Tendzin Sizhi Namgyal was born in the Wang region of Thimphu amidst miraculous signs. The 5th Peling Tendzin Drupchok Dorji recognized the child as the unmistaken reincarnation of Kunzang Pema Thinley and conferred the auspicious name of Tendzin Sizhi Namgyal. Soon thereafter, the Tulku was enthroned as the 4thGangteng Tulku in a grand enthronement ceremony. At Trakhar in Bumthang, the young Tulku received sutra and tantra teachings from eminent teachers and finally received the complete and elaborate teachings from the 5th Peling Tendzin Drupchok Dorji.

It is said that the Tulku was enrolled as a monk in the Punakha-Thimphu Dratshang where he practiced and perfected all the rituals, teachings and dances of the Palden Drukpa tradition. Due to this, even today, rituals are performed according to the Peling-Drukpa tradition at Gangteng Gönpa. Even the spiritual discipline was also brought in line with the practices adopted by the Palden Drukpa Kagyu tradition.

Having taught the precious teachings to numerous disciples, at the young age of 31, in the year 1790, the 4th Gangteng Tulku displayed the act of passing into parinirvana.