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The Three Emanations of Pema Lingpa

The first speech incarnation of Pema Lingpa was Gyalwa Tendzin Drakpa, the first mind emanation Dawa Gyaltsen, and the first body incarnation Pema Thinley. Although, these three emanations are popularly known as the body, speech and mind emanations; later, it was common to refer to the emanations as the Peling Yab Sé Sum or “Pema Lingpa father and sons” which included Pema Lingpa himself, the mind emanation Dawa Gyaltsen and the body emanation Pema Thinley.

The Peling Yab Sé Sum were blessed as heart-emanations of Guru Rinpoche and confirmed as the benefactors of multitude of sentient beings. The three emanations often reincarnated as teacher and pupil amongst themselves, thereby enabling the transmission and reception of the ripening and liberation teachings from one to another. This has ensured the transmission of the lineage teachings in their entirety through an unbroken pure lineage without losing any precious blessings of the teachings in the process.

Over the course of lifetimes these incarnations have benefited sentient beings greatly through their Buddha activities of blessing, empowerments and transmission of the authentic lineage teachings.